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Kemosabe Sushi Bar

Use your CCTA trade dollars here. 605 Main Street Frisco, Co  80443 970-668-2100 www.kemosabesushi.com Opens at 4:00 pm   STARTERS EDAMAME 4 CHILI GARLIC EDAMAME 5 FAMOUS JALAPEÑO SHOOTER (have a few!)     Tempura Jalapeños Wrapped in Tuna     With Our Shooter Sauce 4 each Soon To Be FAMOUS SALMON SHOOTER     Tempura Pineapple Wrapped in Salmon     With Our Sumiso Sauce 4 each SOUP MISO SOUP 4 SPICY MISO SOUP 4 SALAD SQUID 6 SEAWEED 6 TAKO SUNOMONO     Marinated Octopus, Cucumber Salad 6 HOUSE     Mixed Greens, Tomato, Cucumber, Red     Onion. Dressings: Wasabi Vinaigrette,     Thai Peanut Soy 5 SIGNATURES SUMISO     Yellow Tail Sashimi, Jalapeños, Cilantro,     Citrus Miso Sauce 15 POKE     Tuna, Onions, Sesame Oil, Soy, Salt,     on top of Mixed Greens 16 DYNAMITE MUSSELS     Broiled New Zealand Green Lip Mussels,     Dynamite Sauce, Sweet Soy 9 SPICY TUNA TOWER     Spicy Tuna, Pico De Gallo, Avocado,     Towered on Won Ton Chips 10 SASHIMI (6 pieces) TUNA (Maguro) 15 SEARED TUNA (Aburi Maguro) 13 YELLOW TAIL (Hamachi) 14 WHITE FISH (Shiromi) 13 SALMON (Shake) 13 ALBACORE (Bincho) 13 OCTOPUS (Tako) 13 MACKEREL (Saba) 13 SUMO (2 pieces of all above) 35 TRINITY (3 pieces each: Salmon, Maguro,     Hamachi) 23 NIGIRI (2 pieces per order) TUNA (Maguro) 7 SEARED TUNA (Aburi Maguro) 7 YELLOW TAIL (Hamachi) 6 WHITE FISH (Shiromi) 6 SALMON (Shake) 6 SHRIMP (Ebi) 4 ALBACORE (Bincho) 6 OCTOPUS (Tako) 5 MACKEREL (Saba) 4 SPICY SCALLOPS (Hotate) 5 SURF CLAM (Hokki Gai) 5 FRESHWATER EEL (Unagi) 7 SMOKED SALMON 6 SMELT ROE (Masago) 5 FLYING FISH ROE (Tobiko) 5 WASABI FLYING FISH ROE (Wasabi Tobiko) 5 Add QUAIL EGGS to any 1 VEGGIE ROLLS CUCUMBER & AVOCADO 6 ASPARAGUS 6 TEMPURA ASPARAGUS 6 HOT HIPPIE     Red Onion, Asparagus, Cucumber,     Avocado, Jalapeño, Cream Cheese     Topped with Dynamite Sauce 9 SIMPLE ROLLS TUNA 10 SALMON 8 YELLOW TAIL & AVOCADO 9 YELLOW TAIL GREEN ONIONS 8 ALBACORE GREEN ONIONS 8 CALIFORNIA     Crab, Cucumber, Avocado, Topped with     Masago 8 EEL     Eel, Avocado, Cucumber and Sesame     Seeds 12 SPICY TUNA     Spicy Tuna and Cucumber 10 SMOKED PHILLY     Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Avocado 9 FEDGE’S PHILLY     Fresh Salmon, Cream Cheese, Avocado 9 KEMOSABE SPECIALTY ROLLS FRISCO     Smoked Trout, Avocado, Cream Cheese 9 LONE RANGER     Yellowtail, Habanero Cream Cheese,     Avocado 10 PSYCHO SHRIMP     Shrimp, Cucumber, Avocado, Topped     with Dynamite Sauce, Tempura     Crunchies 10 CURTIS-C     Tempura Anaheim Peppers, Avocado,     Cream Cheese, topped with Yellowtail     and Cilantro Oil 13 RUBY RED     Spicy Tuna, Cucumber, Avocado, Daikon     Sprouts, topped with Flying Fish Roe 12 RAINBOW     California Roll, topped with Chef’s     Choice of Fish 15 BLACK DIAMOND     California Roll, Shrimp, Jalapeños,     Drizzled with Sweet Soy Sauce 12 BIG SPLASH     Asparagus, Avocado, Topped with Tuna,     Dynamite Sauce, Sweet Soy 14 MR. PERFECT     Crab, Daikon, Sprouts, Burdock Root,     Cucumber, Topped with Salmon & Dynamite     Sauce 13 TSUNAMI     Crab, Cucumber, Avocado, topped with     Seared Thai Chili Glazed Salmon, Green     Onions 14 SPRINKLES     Spicy Tuna, Crab, Cucumber, topped     with Three Types of Roe 12 TRIPLE THREAT     Salmon, Yellow Tail, Tuna, Cucumber,     Avocado Topped With Tobiko 16 MT. VESUVIUS     Scallops, Crab, Asparagus, Cream     Cheese, Baked with Dynamite Sauce,     Sweet Soy 14 MONSTER SPIDER (serves 2)     Tempura Soft Shell Crab, Crab,     Cucumber, Avocado, topped with     Sweet Soy 14 CORTLAND’S     Crab, Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber,     topped with Salmon, Avocado,     Sweet Soy 13 MADISON’S     Shrimp Tempura, Asparagus,     Avocado, topped With Tuna,     Sweet Soy 16 MR ROBOTO     Shrimp, Avocado, Asparagus, topped     with Seared Tuna, Wasabi Tobiko and     Honey Soy 16 DANCING EEL     Tempura Shrimp and Unagi Topped with     Avocado, Eel Sauce and Sesame Seeds 14 Sesame Seeds on all rolls. Please notify if you have any food allergies. This is just a sample of our menu Prices and availability subject to change. Please notify if you have any food allergies. This is just a sample of our menu KW:

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